OpenStreetBrowser 2.0 released!

Submitted by plepe on

Finally, after 1 1/2 years of work, OpenStreetBrowser 2.0 is ready for use. Thanks to DerStefan who not only contributed some code but also helped by discussing stuff and motivation. Also a big 'Thank you!' to all Translators - OpenStreetBrowser is now available in ten languages (though support for some languages is still limited). There are some features in the queue for release, which didn't make into the current version, hopefully they will make it into version 2.1.

(Btw, if items on the web page appear misplaced, please force a page reload, e.g. by pressing Shift or Ctrl and the Reload button)

The most important improvements:
- A complete rewrite of the "Category"-system: It's now possible to create custom categories and changes are available very soon (usually after a couple of seconds).
- New database: The database has a new structure which is able to import changes from OpenStreetMap. These should appear in OpenStreetBrowser after a couple of minutes.
- OpenStreetBrowser is now available worldwide.

There were even more improvements:
- Markers: You can set markers on the map which will be added to the Permalink.
- A new context menu for interaction with the map (set markers, query objects on the map, ...). This can be moved to the right mouse click via the Options dialogue.
- More information about OpenStreetMap objects - automatically measuring the length of ways as well the area and outline of polygons; lists members of relations and relations this object is member of; ...

Outlook for version 2.1 (maybe already in late Summer?):
- A rewrite of the navigation system (still using the API of Cloudmade).
- A viewer for GPX-files
- Favorites: Save objects (which can be OSM objects, markers or routes) as favorites.
- Measurements: Measure distances and areas interactively on the map.