New version 2.0.6

Submitted by plepe on Sun, 09/18/2011 - 21:22

The new version fixes some severe bugs:
* Categories: Creating a new category always overwrote the last created new category, therefore it was more or less impossible to create categories. Now this has been fixed. You can also define the id with the tag 'id'. If the id is not available you don't get a message right now, but the alternate id is set as tag and a tag with an error message.
* Country Names: Country names for countries with more than 1 mio inhabitants (tag 'population') were not rendered on the base map. This has been fixed and zoom levels of appearance re-organised and the style improved. (only for newly rendered tiles, for sure).

There were some minor bugfixes too:

* The czech language got its correct flag.
* In the last update I introduced a bug to the Wikipedia-plugin which made it break at newlines (therefore no text and/or image were displayed)
* When viewing an unnamed object the title 'undefined' was displayed. This was replaced by the translation of 'unnamed'. Furthermore either "ref - name", "name", "ref" or "operator" is used as name.
* The land-areas in zoom levels <5 are no longer misplaced. This bugfix also solves the checked pattern sometimes visible in higher zoom levels. (also only for new tiles)

Also updates from the Translation System in the OSM-Wiki have been included.

If you find bugs or have ideas for improvements please post to .