Preview on version 2.1 (2.1-pre1)

Submitted by plepe on

Version 2.1 is coming up soon. You might want to take a look at a preview under a different address: There's a bunch of new features I want to tell you about in this post:

  • Navigation: It didn't make it into 2.0, but finally it's available again, the navigation system based on the public API from CloudMade. You can start it from the compass-icon in the toolbox, from the context menu on the map or from the actions of an object.
  • Categories: In the object list of a category, the type gets written next to the object. The info-icon next to the category name opens a window with tabs, most prominently an overview of the category. The only other tab is the Editor right now, but more are planned like a history of the category and a talk page.
  • Basemap: There are some small improvements to the basemap which are not available at this time as I don't have the resources to run several tile renderer instances. New is the the rendering of the names of oceans and seas as well lakes in lower zoom levels. I also planned to render the names of important rivers in low zoom levels, but currently this is too resource intensive.
  • Translation System: The translation system in the OSM Wiki has been replaced by an (hopefully) easier-to-use translation system accessible from the options. At least for me as developer it's much easier to use as the changes are directly written to a copy of the software repository which will be imported by hand.
  • Translated Tags: The tags of OSM objects will be translated to the chosen user interface language (if available for that language). Currently it's not possible to add new tags in the translation system - hopefully this will be included soon.
  • Window/Documentation System: Windows now get a title bar and are freely moveable in the browser window. You will notice info-buttons more often now (hopefully getting more during the 2.1 branch), you can click them to get information about the feature.
  • Learn about the new "Wikipedia Street Names" feature, e.g. on (click the info-icon to learn how to make it available for your town/city).