New version 2.1.3

This new version includes mostly bugfixes and updates to translations. Some notable changes:
* The "autozoom" behaviour has been improved (when you activate an object, it no longer zooms out to zoom level 15) - at least if the new object is fully inside the new view port.
* There were quite some improvements to the Permalink: The list of open categories is still added to the Permalink if they are not visible (e.g. while you inspect an object). Also the current object is written to the Permalink, like "".
* If you calculate a navigation route please note that the service from Cloudmade is used (which is now noted in the routing information).
* There were quite a lot of improvements to the Polish, Greek and Asturian translations, thanks again for your contributions.


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Now the work will be even

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Excellent update, I was waiting for him. Now the work will be even more convenient

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