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New version 2.1.4

I got aware of two serious bugs (thanks to the users Rostranimin and Mar4s), which were fixed in this release:
* In the 'Map View Toolbox' you couldn't remember your decision, this would result in an unusable OpenStreetBrowser on next load.
* Many objects (like road-routes or boundaries) resulted in error messages of OpenStreetBrowser -> There was a problem when I imported the database, some objects were inserted to the wrong tables. Fixed by now.
There were some more changes, including:

* The rendering for islands has been improved (with a dark yellowish grey in Opaque font). No names were rendered at all if the place=island-tag was on a polygon.
* Labels on areas (like lakes, islands, parks) will be printed with the English translation if there's one.
* Relations of the type 'boundary' will be treated like multipolygons, so they will appear as an area and not just the outline.
* On the Basemap: railway=tram is assumed to have 1 track, except when it is on the same way as a highway and it is not one way. Set the tag "tracks=[1,2,3,...]" to tell the correct count of tracks.
* The "Zoom"-button on the object view works (it centres the view port on the current object and moves to a zoom level where most of the object fits).
* The 'Recent Changes' will show a change message for Translations (even for old ones).


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