No updates in OSM data due to licence change (and a new version: 2.1.8)

Submitted by plepe on

Long story short: No new OpenStreetMap-data until autumn. Why? Read the long story :) And language updates: A new language - Portugese (Brazil) - and updates to Romanian and Czech. Long story long: As you may have noticed, OpenStreetMap has changed it's licence (or is still in the process of doing so). This raises quite a problem for me, as it is necessary to re-import the database from scratch. A process which takes (including the updates to the newest version) about two months and needs a lot of disk space (the whole database takes about 800GB right now). So I'm forced to either shut down OpenStreetBrowser for the time or rent a second server. Don't worry, I'll pick the second option. Anyway, this is a process which I don't want to start right now, as I'm quite busy finishing my second bachelor-degree right now and hopefully it should be (mostly) done by Summer. I also want to try some improvements to the database structure (like partitioning for increased performance) and there's still some research to do. So, expect new OpenStreetMap-data in autumn. I'll keep you informed. Why this is version 2.1.8 (and not 2.1.7g)? There was a minor change beside the regular language updates: If you choose Portugese (Brasil) (or another language variant when there are any in the future), the main language (in that case Portugese) is used instead (The data language is the language which is used to display OSM objects in the categories).