New data!

Submitted by plepe on

On April 1st, 2012 the database updates stopped, as the transition phase for OpenStreetMap's new ODbL license started. This made a re-import of the database necessary, which has been finished last weekend. Therefore up-to-date data is finally available in the categories and on the basemap (nearly, currently the database lacks a couple of hours behind OpenStreetMap updates). The public transport overlay still needs to be updated, therefore rendering will appear at a later time. Please note that new basemap tiles will be rendered _after_ being visited, therefore old renderings appear. There were also some changes to the database layout: the tables were split in regional sub-tables which hopefully improves performance, as smaller chunks need to be indexed. I hope to write about this process at a later time, maybe give a talk about it at one of the OpenStreetMap conferences. (This database layout change makes changes to all database queries necessary, that's why the public transport overlay is not ready yet). Have fun! PS: Thanks to, who kindly donated a root server!