New feature: Permalinks

A requested feature: Permalinks. OpenStreetBrowser URLs now encode the current map location, opened categories and - of course - the currently viewed map object. Now it's easy to share information to others.


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Feature request


first of all - tanks for the great tool .. it's really a pleasure to use.
When checking some of my edits, I recognized that mapped defibrillators (which I would expect to show up in health or emergency category) are not displayed.

Any chance to add them?



Sorry for the late answer, I should install some module which sends me an email when a comment is posted.

Anyway, for sure it's possible to add defibrillators. I just added them to the health category.

Btw: A good place for feature requests concerning the categories is the repository: . If course this would require a Github account, which might a bit overkill ...

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