[Changelog] 2010-05-27

Submitted by derstefan on
  • Improvement of search field
  • Implementation of dialogue for choosing the start screen
  • Adding scale and live mouse position
  • some little translation work
    more details:
  • There occured some changes to the search field: Once it doesn't delete the content anymore, when you click into the field and as a default value it says "search...". By moving the mouse over it, a tooltip suggests you some example expressions you could search for. ;-) Another great change (I really like it!) is the brush. A click on it allows you to easily clear the search field, it's a bit like in some Ubuntu programs. By the way: ESC also clears...
  • You probably already noticed the new start dialogue. Here you can choose how to start the OpenStreetBrowser. There are currently four options: Finding your geolocation, centering and zooming map to that position (only if your browser does support that feature!), starting the map from your last view, restoring your last click on the permalink or just leaving everything as it currently is. It is possible to save your decision.
  • Furthermore there are two little but useful new features: A scale and the current coordinates of the mouse on the map! Enjoy.
  • We also did some work on translating a few more things. As now there are only English and German, so if you are a native speaker in a language that does not appear to be already translated, feel free to contribute!