Create or improve categories yourself

Submitted by plepe on

Having all these categories in OpenStreetBrowser is a great thing. But creating these categories has been a work mostly done by me and I can't really guess which categories would be interesting to you. That's why I want other people (especially You!) to have the ability to create or improve categories yourself. That's why there's now a "More categories" link in OpenStreetBrowser, where you can access categories which other people (or You!) created or modified. Development of categories happens in the OpenStreetBrowser Development tool, a modified instance of the Gitea environment (an open source clone of Github) with a special embedded editor. People familiar with Github will find their way around Gitea rather easily, there are repositories, which you can fork and edit. It uses Git as versioning control system. There are issues and pull requests. And so on. If you create a new category or edit an existing one, an editor with a live preview will load. You should check the little howto which I created. Of course, you can install the editor (without the Gitea environment) on your local machine and clone the repository for offline editing.