Feature update (v4.2): export visible map features, ...

Submitted by plepe on

There's a new OpenStreetBrowser version, 4.2 with some new interesting features!

  • Export visible map features
  • Add categories - choose branch
  • New sidebar for News

Export visible map features

Between header and categories in the sidebar is a new toolbar, which includes the "Add categories" button and a new button "Export visible map features". It will export all visible objects of all open categories in a selection of formats: GeoJSON (a common geographic interchange format), OSM XML (e.g. you can load it in JOSM or other tools) and OSM JSON (very similar to OSM XML, defined by Overpass API).  For this to work, the module overpass-frontend has been updated to version v2.2.0 which does the dirty work of loading data and compiling output. Thanks to Github user severinmenard for the suggestion!

Add categories - choose branch

This is interesting for users, who have their own repositories on OpenStreetBrowser Dev. You can now load categories from git branches.

News in right sidebar

As the Twitter feed stopped working some time ago, I decided to show the newest news entries from the blog instead.


If you have any comments, please post them on the Github issue page!