Category updates: buildings, offices, culture, ...

Submitted by plepe on

The current category update has been in the making for quite some time. The main changes are more detailed categories about buildings (type, age, height, ...), an inclusion of map features with office tags in thematic maps and more detailed popups in the Culture categories.

  • Buildings: The building category has been split into several sub-categories: There are categories for building types, building age and building height. There's also a figure-ground diagram (German: "Schwarzplan" - used in urban planning) and a category for building entrances.
  • Services: Offices were added to the service categories:
    • Communication: include office=telecommunication, office=it, office=newspaper, office=publisher, office=advertising_agency
    • Education: include office=educational_institution, office=research
    • Financial: include office=financial, office=accountant, office=insurance, office=tax, office=tax_advisor
    • Law (new category): include amenity=courthouse, office=lawyer, office=notary
    • Organisations (new category): include office=ngo, office=quango, office=political_party, office=association, office=foundation
    • Public services: remove amenity=courthouse (now in Law), include office=government, office=administration
    • Tourism services: include office=guide, office=tourism, office=tourist_accomodation, office=camping
  • Updates to categories in Culture and Religion:
    • Culture: include shop=art; also show museum type (museum=*) for musems. Popups show inscription, artist_name and material. More icons.
    • Historic: Popups show inscription, historic:civilization, memorial:conflict. More icons.
    • Memorial: Popups show inscription, historic:civilization, memorial:conflict, artist_name. More icons.
    • Religion: Include office=religion, office=parish
  • Popup/Details: show description, start_date, opening_date.

If you have comments, please post them on the OpenStreetBrowser Category Github page. Be aware, that a lot of new strings need translation (also for English and German).