Feature update (v4.4): Improved localization

Submitted by plepe on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 12:54

This update brings some nice improvements concerning localization: repository-specific language strings, localized start_date and opening_date and a brand-new translation overview page listing all translators.
Again buildings age in Graz, Austria (haven't found many places so well mapped). This time with German dates. Note also the image, included via Wikidata. More about these updates:

  • Each repository can have a directory called lang with the translations of category titles and (this is new!) additional strings. Example. These files can easily be translated by translators. These strings can be accessed by using the twig function "repoTrans" (e.g. {{ repoTrans('foobar') }}.
  • I developed a module openstreetmap-date-format which parses a tag like start_date and returns a localized string. Only English and German supported yet, check the howto if you want to create a translation. In categories this is used as a twig filter, e.g. {{ tags.start_date|osmDateFormat }}.

Find documentation about twig filters in OpenStreetBrowser here. If you have any questions or suggestions, please create an issue on the Github page.