Layout improvements (v5.0)

Submitted by plepe on

This update refurbishes the display of popup windows and the items in the lists. The wonderful Bexhill OpenStreetMap site was a nice inspiration again!

Furthermore, objects are no longer called "unnamed" if they don't have a name, they will just show the type. Link

Further recent updates:

  • Addresses with 'contact:' prefix will be displayed in popups and details. Link
  • Fixed querying charging stations in bicycle and motorcar categories. Link
  • The Natural Formations category now includes place=island and place=islet. Link
  • The children category now includes amenities with a changing table (the older tag 'diaper' is still supported).

Technical details about the "unnamed" change: I added a new "details" field which will show additional information about an object (e.g. speed limit in the max speed category, cuisine in gastronomy, ...). The "description" field now describes the type of the object (e.g. "Restaurant", "Motorway", ...), which was used in most categories anyway. Finally, the "title" field may be empty.