Writing categories in YAML; new Twig filters (v5.1)

Submitted by plepe on Sat, 07/30/2022 - 20:15

From now on, it's possible to write categories in YAML format. This is much easier than JSON and allows for comments. You can find a few example categories in the documentation on Github. There's a repository with these examples in the OpenStreetBrowser Development environment, which you can fork (you can load this under the big ➕ icon on OpenStreetBrowser).

Also, there are a two new Twig filters:

  • 'wikipediaAbstract', which loads and displays an abstract from Wikipedia, e.g.: {{ "en:London"|wikipediaAbstract }} or {{ "Q42"|wikipediaAbstract }}.
  • 'wikidataEntity', which loads an entity from Wikidata as structured data, e.g. {% set data = "Q42"|wikidataEntity %}{{ data.labels.en.value }} -> "Douglas Adams".