New version 2.1.2

This new version adds support for two new languages, Polish and Catalan. There were also many, many updates to the Greek and Italian translation. Thanks to all contributors for your constant activity! There are also some minor bugfixes again. If you find bugs or have ideas for improvements, please post them here: Github Issues or OSM Wiki.

New version 2.1.1

Only two days since version 2.1.0 and already a new version. Due to the short time not much has changed, just a couple of bugfixes. And a new language: Greek. Thanks for the contribution. The most notable change is, that objects with low importance are not listed in high zoom levels in the categories - this produced long waiting times and a high load on the server.

New version 2.1

Finally, version 2.1 is available on (short: - at least if the name server updates already got distributed to your browser. There were many changes like an integrated translation system, movable windows (e.g. for the category information), talk pages for categories and so on. Many of those features were already discussed in detail on this blog earlier.

New version 2.0.8

The last version of the 2.0 series has been released! Expect the new version 2.1 to appear on the main page in a week or so.
In the current version there were mostly bugfixes and some code cleanup, but finally I made another attempt to get displaying of place names better.

New development version 2.1-pre3

On a new development version is available. Most changes were only bugfixes, like the icon chooser in the category editor which was next to unusable. But there are also some new features, e.g. a "debug toolbox" (enable it in the Options) which shows the status of the basemap tiles (later there will be more options). There were also updates to the new Translation system, it's now possible to add new tag-values (but not new tags right now) - please do so! Oh, and there were already updates to Czech language in the new system :)

Vandalism on OpenStreetBrowser

Sorry that most main categories were not available for a couple of hours today, but a user had vandalized them (as you can see in the Recent Changes on the developer version). A good reason to code a restore function, which was done in half an hour or so. Finally no harm was done as I could restore the old versions. The restore function will be available in 2.1-pre3. Have fun!

Version 2.1-pre2 available as developer version

1½ weeks passed, many things changed on the developer version, still available on I finally managed to implement talk-pages for categories (and later much more), you'll find them in the category info window. You can use WikiCreole markup to post your comments. In 'Recent Changes' (available under the links in the lower left) you can find the history of changes on categories and talk pages.

Preview on version 2.1 (2.1-pre1)

Version 2.1 is coming up soon. You might want to take a look at a preview under a different address: There's a bunch of new features I want to tell you about in this post:

New version 2.0.7

There's a new version with some small bug fixes and the usual language update. The French translation got improved a lot. Notable change: The Blog window only opens if there's something new (if it doesn't work press 'reload').

New version 2.0.6

The new version fixes some severe bugs:
* Categories: Creating a new category always overwrote the last created new category, therefore it was more or less impossible to create categories. Now this has been fixed. You can also define the id with the tag 'id'. If the id is not available you don't get a message right now, but the alternate id is set as tag and a tag with an error message.
* Country Names: Country names for countries with more than 1 mio inhabitants (tag 'population') were not rendered on the base map. This has been fixed and zoom levels of appearance re-organised and the style improved. (only for newly rendered tiles, for sure).

There were some minor bugfixes too:

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