Category updates: buildings, offices, culture, ...

The current category update has been in the making for quite some time. The main changes are more detailed categories about buildings (type, age, height, ...), an inclusion of map features with office tags in thematic maps and more detailed popups in the Culture categories.

Age of buildings in the city centre of Graz, Austria.

Category update: maxspeed

User mahdi1234 pointed out, that roads which have different maxspeed tags for each direction (tags maxspeed:forward and maxspeed:backward) would be regarded as "unknown" by OpenStreetBrowser.
From now on the car maxspeed and railway maxspeed categories handle these tags. Forward maxspeed will always be shown to the right of the way, backward to the left.

Minor upgrade: improved wikipedia / wikimedia commons integration

Just released a minor upgrade. The Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons integration got a few updates (see for details). Also bugfixes. Uses the new @LeafletJS version 1.4.0!

Feature update (v4.3): Custom repo, Permalink, collapsed lists

This version includes a few interesting updates:

  1. Custom repositories.
  2. Collapsed lists.
  3. Permalinks.

Feature update (v4.2): export visible map features, ...

There's a new OpenStreetBrowser version, 4.2 with some new interesting features!

  • Export visible map features
  • Add categories - choose branch
  • New sidebar for News

Christmas Map - outdated features

Christmas features - as they are temporary - should be checked and updated every year. The christmas map in OpenStreetBrowser now shows outdated features with a red marker and a note in the popup.

Upgrade icon sets

OpenStreetBrowser uses different icon sets. From now on, it includes Mapbox Maki 5, Font Awesome 5 and Temaki. Also, many categories use UTF-8 characters as icons. Read more in the documentation.

New category: Swimming and Bathing

There's a new category "Swimming and Bathing" (under "Leisure, Sport and Shopping").

It includes a variety of swimming and bathing facilities:

Directions on cycle routes and public transport map

With the newest update, OpenStreetBrowser supports drawing patterns (e.g. arrow heads) on ways, which is from now on used on the cycle routes map and the public transport map.

Cycle routes map gets the directions from the way's role (forward/backward), public transport map from the connection to the previous/next way (as defined in PT Schema v2).

Re-organized and improved categories

OpenStreetBrowser's main categories got a few improvements:


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