New translation: Occitan

Thanks to Pèire Bréchet, OpenStreetBrowser has a new translation: Occitan! Thanks a lot :-)

If you want to create or improve a translation, you can do so on OpenStreetBrowser Weblate.

Check the translation statistics.

Recent category updates

Since the last post about category updates, there were quite some changes. In this post I want to summarize the most important changes.

Mini version update

I just published a mini update to OpenStreetBrowser. It includes: Bugfix which slowed loading cached map features, session handling, module upgrades.

Feature update (v4.6): Wrapping over Longitude -180 / 180

As I already expected, someone will notice that I didn't care about longitude -180/180. Recently, User "InsertUser" reported on Github that OpenStreetBrowser stops working, if you wrap over the antimeridian.

Solving this issue was quite tricky. I can report, that everything should work now.

New translation system

A few days ago, Ivan Seoane showed me weblate - an open source translation management system. Very nice and very suitable for OpenStreetBrowser. I installed it right away, you can find it here: Also, Ivan is working on the translation for Galician, which is already available.

Feature update (v4.5): Filter category results

This update brings a very exciting feature: You can filter category results by certain criteria. Every category has a filter for the title of the map features (in fact it queries the tags name, operator and ref, including the localized tags like "name:en"). Many categories have additional filters, e.g. for the type of object (Example: filter the emergency category by type, e.g. Police, Fire Station, Hospital, ...). (Requested here: #33, #70)

Gastronomy category filtered for pubs in Birmingham, showing possible additional filters.

Feature update (v4.4): Improved localization

This update brings some nice improvements concerning localization: repository-specific language strings, localized start_date and opening_date and a brand-new translation overview page listing all translators.

Again buildings age in Graz, Austria (haven't found many places so well mapped). This time with German dates. Note also the image, included via Wikidata.

Category updates: buildings, offices, culture, ...

The current category update has been in the making for quite some time. The main changes are more detailed categories about buildings (type, age, height, ...), an inclusion of map features with office tags in thematic maps and more detailed popups in the Culture categories.

Age of buildings in the city centre of Graz, Austria.

Category update: maxspeed

User mahdi1234 pointed out, that roads which have different maxspeed tags for each direction (tags maxspeed:forward and maxspeed:backward) would be regarded as "unknown" by OpenStreetBrowser.
From now on the car maxspeed and railway maxspeed categories handle these tags. Forward maxspeed will always be shown to the right of the way, backward to the left.

Minor upgrade: improved wikipedia / wikimedia commons integration

Just released a minor upgrade. The Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons integration got a few updates (see for details). Also bugfixes. Uses the new @LeafletJS version 1.4.0!


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