Finally a new major version: 2.2

A long time has passed since version 2.1 (9 months) when the last bigger improvements were published. I started a lot of improvements in the last couple of months, finally I had time to consolidate and polish them (oder at least some of them). If everything is working as expected only time will show - you can help me solve them by reporting bugs. Changes include: Keyboard Shortcuts, Grid Overlay, GPS Toolbox, URLs without #, OpenLayers 2.12 and some improvements on the server side.

No updates in OSM data due to licence change (and a new version: 2.1.8)

Long story short: No new OpenStreetMap-data until autumn. Why? Read the long story :) And language updates: A new language - Portugese (Brazil) - and updates to Romanian and Czech.

New version 2.1.7c

This minor version upgrade introduces basic support for two new languages: Serbian (sr) and Romanian (ro). Welcome and thanks to your contribution, I hope you will continue working on them :)

New version 2.1.7

When I migrated the translation system from the OSM Wiki into OpenStreetBrowser, one thing got lost - the statistics page of the translations. Finally it's back, to be found in the Options (where you can access 'new language' or 'improve language'). Have fun!

New version 2.1.6

In this new version I replaced the Layer Switcher (under the + on the right side of the map) by a toolbox (one of the icons under the OpenStreetBrowser-logo). I hope it's easier that way. I also have some more ideas for improvements (like tooltip-information about the layers or an option for adding additional layers). If you still want the old layer switcher, you can activate it via the 'Debug Toolbox' (activate it in the Options).
There were also some bugfixes and the usual translation updates (esp. French and Greek - thanks to all contributors).

New version 2.1.5a

I got accepted in the Google Adsense program with the OpenStreetBrowser blog! So, in the next days advertisements will appear in the Blog window. It would be really great to find a way to pay the server costs, so I'd appreciate if you disable your Adblocker for OpenStreetBrowser :-) I hope you don't mind, but I think I provide a great service for the community for free.

New version 2.1.5

This version again mostly fixes bugs. Noteworthy changes include some new "tips of the day", which can be translated via the normal Translation system (accessible from the Options). Talking about Translations, there were quite some updates to the French and Greek translations. In the "main links" (at the bottom of the left column) there's a new link "Help" to Instructions which were written by user Rostranimin in the OSM Wiki during the last month. Thanks to all contributors for your constant work! And Merry Christmas to all that celebrate this holiday :)

New version 2.1.4a

Currently I don't have much time for OpenStreetBrowser. But I got aware that the 'Icon Chooser' (in the Category Editor click on the 'Choose' button for an icon) is not working. Fixed. And: Be patient when loading the list of icons, it's quite slow.

No more ads!

I got tired of those advertisements in the right bar, because they didn't pay off at all. At least with the service I was using. And as I don't really like advertisements anyway, I don't like to search for another provider. Anyway, I thought it might be much better to integrate the flattr and donation-buttons there, as well as a Twitterwall, to connect the community (Use the hast-tag #osb_cc for twittering). What do you think of that?

New version 2.1.4

I got aware of two serious bugs (thanks to the users Rostranimin and Mar4s), which were fixed in this release:
* In the 'Map View Toolbox' you couldn't remember your decision, this would result in an unusable OpenStreetBrowser on next load.
* Many objects (like road-routes or boundaries) resulted in error messages of OpenStreetBrowser -> There was a problem when I imported the database, some objects were inserted to the wrong tables. Fixed by now.
There were some more changes, including:


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