New data!

On April 1st, 2012 the database updates stopped, as the transition phase for OpenStreetMap's new ODbL license started. This made a re-import of the database necessary, which has been finished last weekend. Therefore up-to-date data is finally available in the categories and on the basemap (nearly, currently the database lacks a couple of hours behind OpenStreetMap updates). The public transport overlay still needs to be updated, therefore rendering will appear at a later time. Please note that new basemap tiles will be rendered _after_ being visited, therefore old renderings appear.

New version 2.2.3 - Smartphone/Tablet optimizations

Less than a week has passed, and already there are some exciting updates to OpenStreetBrowser. I invested some time to optimize for small screens (like smartphones) and touchscreens (as there are no 'mouseover' events). I hope it's usable on your phone / tablet / whatever too :) If you find bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please comment on this post, or use the OSM Wiki.

New version 2.2.2

This update brings improved markers, as they have an ID encoding their position; therefore URLs containing markers can be sent to other browser. There was also some bugfixing, notable with the search: Searches containing spaces or special characters were encoding wrongly and didn't work. There were also some translation updates to el, et and ro. Thanks for your contribution!

New version 2.2.1

This new version should make it easier to run an own installation of OpenStreetBrowser, with a lot of bugfixes on the server side. But still, the server daemon needs better error handling. There were also some language updates, notably Czech and Estonian.

Finally a new major version: 2.2

A long time has passed since version 2.1 (9 months) when the last bigger improvements were published. I started a lot of improvements in the last couple of months, finally I had time to consolidate and polish them (oder at least some of them). If everything is working as expected only time will show - you can help me solve them by reporting bugs. Changes include: Keyboard Shortcuts, Grid Overlay, GPS Toolbox, URLs without #, OpenLayers 2.12 and some improvements on the server side.

No updates in OSM data due to licence change (and a new version: 2.1.8)

Long story short: No new OpenStreetMap-data until autumn. Why? Read the long story :) And language updates: A new language - Portugese (Brazil) - and updates to Romanian and Czech.

New version 2.1.7c

This minor version upgrade introduces basic support for two new languages: Serbian (sr) and Romanian (ro). Welcome and thanks to your contribution, I hope you will continue working on them :)

New version 2.1.7

When I migrated the translation system from the OSM Wiki into OpenStreetBrowser, one thing got lost - the statistics page of the translations. Finally it's back, to be found in the Options (where you can access 'new language' or 'improve language'). Have fun!

New version 2.1.6

In this new version I replaced the Layer Switcher (under the + on the right side of the map) by a toolbox (one of the icons under the OpenStreetBrowser-logo). I hope it's easier that way. I also have some more ideas for improvements (like tooltip-information about the layers or an option for adding additional layers). If you still want the old layer switcher, you can activate it via the 'Debug Toolbox' (activate it in the Options).
There were also some bugfixes and the usual translation updates (esp. French and Greek - thanks to all contributors).

New version 2.1.5a

I got accepted in the Google Adsense program with the OpenStreetBrowser blog! So, in the next days advertisements will appear in the Blog window. It would be really great to find a way to pay the server costs, so I'd appreciate if you disable your Adblocker for OpenStreetBrowser :-) I hope you don't mind, but I think I provide a great service for the community for free.


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